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Aleris Hospital Rosenborg Clinic

See a medical specialist straight away in Trondheim! You are in safe hands with us.

How do I book an appointment with a medical specialist?

Use our online booking or fill out the contact form below to book an appointment with one of our specialists. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.


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The orthopaedic specialists at Aleris Rosenborgklinikken in Trondheim are all extremely well qualified and highly experienced. All our orthopaedic specialists have a doctorate in orthopaedic medicine. Two orthopaedic specialists are attached to the clinic full time. Our other, part-time orthopaedic specialists are otherwise employed as senior consultants at St. Olav’s Hospital.

We perform arthroscopic procedures (keyhole surgery) on the shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle. We also have specialist expertise in tendon-related issues and “sports hernia”.

All arthroscopic surgery, in addition to hand and foot surgery, is carried out on an outpatient basis. This means that you are able to return home on the same day your surgery is carried out.

We do not perform prosthesis surgery in Trondheim. See our hospital in Oslo. 


Sports medicine

Our doctors have specialist expertise in advanced arthroscopic surgery, in addition to sports orthopaedics. Torbjørn Grøntvedt has been Rosenborg Football Club’s team doctor since 1986, and Agnar Tegnander has been affiliated with the Norwegian Football Association since 1995. Torbjørn Grøntvedt authored several chapters in a book on sports medicine, entitled “Idrettsmedisin”. 


Collaboration with the Norwegian National Health Service in Trondheim

We have been contracted by the Norwegian National Health Service to provide a number of services in Trondheim, which means that you pay no more than the normal National Health charge. Click here to see which National Health services we provide in Trondheim

We provide a number of orthopaedic treatments on behalf of the Norwegian National Health Service. Of course, we also treat private patients and patients covered by insurance companies with which we have special agreements.



Agnar Tegnander is attached to the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre, and is supervising a doctoral research project on jumper`s knee.

Our physiotherapists also engage actively in research activities and publish articles in international journals.



If required, we refer our patients to highly qualified physiotherapists for rehabilitation following the treatment we have performed. 

The Chief Medical Officer at Aleris Sykehus Rosenborgklinikken, Senior Consultant Dr. Torbjørn Grøntvedt, is a specialist in orthopaedic medicine and general surgery.

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