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Face and Eyes

When it comes to facial cosmetic surgery we offer a wide range of treatments. Our plastic surgeons are some of the most experienced plastic surgeons in Norway and we offer every thing from face and neck lift to rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. 

All procedures are performed in a safe hospital environment with an experienced team of health staff. There is always an anasthesiologist present during surgery. 

Here are some of the most common facial cosmetic surgery procedures that we offer:

Eyelid Reduction (Blepharoplasty)

It's perfectly natural that the skin around our eyes starts to loose its elasticity with age. This causes lines, wrinkles and for some eye bags will start to develop as the muscles relax and the lower eyelids sag down. Sagging of the upper eyelids can even disturb your eyesight, causing head aches, irritation and read eyes. During an eyelid reduction the surgeon will remove excess skin and fatty tissue and tighten the muscles around the eyes if necessary. 

Face Lift / Neck Lift

The skin on your face and neck will loose its elasticity with age and it will start dropping. This is a natural process of aging.  With a face lift or neck lift, we can remove excess skin and reshape the lines of the face, jaw and neck for a more youthful appearance. A face lift can be combined with blepharoplasty for treating excess skin and fatty tissue around the eyes. Fat grafting, laser treatment or fillers can also be used in combination with a face lift to optimize the result.


The nose is in many ways the central feature of the face. Rhinoplasty, also called nose reshaping or nose job, is a treatment aiming to change the shape or size of the nose. It can also be performed as a procedure to improve functions like breathing and help a patient with sleep apnea or snoring. Nose reshaping requires advanced skills and surgical finesse, and that is why we have some of the most experienced nose specialists in the country here at Aleris. 

Other cosmetic facial treatments

We also perform a range of other cosmetic treatments to the face, like for example chin augmentation, facial rejuvenation by fat grafting, ear reshaping (Otoplasty), brow lift and CO2-laser treatment.

Besides from surgical treatments we also offer a wide range of non surgical facial treatments. Our cosmetic nurses offer facial injections to treat lines and wrinkles. dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser treatments, micro-needling and PRP-treatments as well as many other services. 

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