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Geriatric medicine

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine most concerned with considering the whole person. Elderly people often suffer from numerous medical conditions, each of which can interact with the others. It is therefore important to maintain an overall perspective. Common conditions suffered by elderly people include: sleep disorders, osteoporosis, problems with walking and falls, depression, malnourishment/undereating, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, memory problems and confusion.

Our specialists in geriatric medicine diagnose and treat an array of conditions suffered by elderly people, including their nutritional and vitamin status. We also review the list of medications they are taking to avoid overprescription (polypharmacy) and unfortunate side effects. If the patient is showing signs of failing memory or behavioural changes, we encourage a trusted family member to accompany them to the consultation. We also offer individual advice and support to family members.

Our primary aim is to optimise the patient's ability to function, improve their quality of life and safeguard their autonomy.

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