Aleris Executive Health

Aleris Executive Health provides its members with a uniquely tailored health check through one of the market’s most comprehensive health assessments and follow-up by an individual health plan. Membership also gives you year-round exclusive access to Aleris’ extensive medical resources.

Aleris Executive Health is based on the principle of prevention; that potential health risks can be detected early and dealt with before they become larger and more comprehensive issues, thus affecting both work and quality of life negatively.

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1. Aleris Executive Health Assessment

The Executive Health Assessment is carried out in our members-only Executive Offices, adjacent to Aleris Hospital in Frogner, Oslo. All examinations are conducted on the same day, at the same place and without any delays. A multidisciplinary team of GPs and medical specialists will be mapping your medical needs and take you through the relevant examinations based on your age, gender and other relevant individual factors. After the examination, you will receive a follow-up plan for the next year with health and lifestyle advice and further examinations/medical follow-up if necessary. Your next Executive Health Assessment will be based both on earlier results and health and lifestyle goals.

2. Aleris Executive Health Plan

An extensive health plan to promote good health and reduce health risks. The plan covers health and medical care, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, based on each member’s individual needs and goals.

3. Exclusive Access

Executive Health members have exclusive access to the rest of Aleris Hospital and Medical Centre. As the largest privately owned hospital in Norway, we have specialists within a wide variety of medical disciplines and top of the line medical equipment –everything conveniently located under one roof.

We have specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, urology, neurology, dermatology, gynaecology and ENT as well as GPs. We also have nutritionists, a complete radiological department (MRI, CT, PET/CT) and the only private cancer centre in Scandinavia. We also assist you in the contact with our medical partners in Norway or abroad, and for referral to public hospitals. For our Executive Health members, we can also help providing access to fitness resources/PT, physiotherapy and wellness treatments and more through our partner Artesia.

4. Personal Health Contact

Members have a designated contact person who coordinates the annual health assessment, and that can help you with any answer you should have about Aleris Executive Health. The personal health contact will also assist our members with setting up a regular consultation with one of our GPs, as well as securing quick access to the entire medical expertise at Aleris when needed.

Cost for Aleris Executive Health

The fee for one year membership is NOK 38,000 per person. This covers the health assessment, the set-up of the individual health plan, a designated health contact and assistance with same-day medical appointment for any ordinary medical requirements. Regular visits to Aleris are not included in the membership fee. Spouse/ partner of members of Aleris Executive Health get a NOK 5,000 discount.

Aleris Executive Health Membership

If this should be of interest to you and/or other people in your company, please contact by email: or by phone: Liz Heyerdahl Svensen +47 414 33 434