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Breast diagnosis - mammography

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. The majority of those who are worried they have breast cancer do not have the disease. For your own peace of mind, it is therefore important to clarify the issue as quickly as possible. We offer a complete set of breast diagnostic procedures - with no waiting time.

After an initial assessment by one of our doctors, you can undergo all the required tests in a single day. Our team of experts will perform their analysis and give you their assessment on the same day too. In this way, you avoid a long period of anxiety about the results.

To determine whether a lump is benign or malignant, it is necessary to carry out a mammogram and/or ultrasound scan as well as a biopsy (taking a tissue sample for testing).

You will not be able to feel a lump in your breast until it has grown to a certain size. Lumps that are smaller than 1cm in size are difficult to feel and are generally discovered following a mammogram or ultrasound scan. Women aged between 50 and 69 are offered a mammogram every two years as part of a public health screening programme. Many small lumps are spotted in connection with these scans. It is more usual for women under the age of 50 to discover a lump themselves. 


Can I tell if a lump is cancerous?

Not every lump a woman finds in her breast is cancerous. It is not possible to distinguish between a benign and malignant lump just by feeling your breast. However, the majority of lumps that are discovered turn out to be benign. Since the breast is made up of fatty, glandular and connective tissue and changes according to where in her menstrual cycle a woman is, and her age, lumps can be caused by anything from fluid-filled cysts, fatty nodules and inflammation to blocked milk glands or ducts.

If a lump or change in your breast has appeared without apparent cause, it is important that you consult a doctor to determine whether the lump is benign or malignant. 


We perform triple diagnostics in Oslo (Frogner), Lillesand, Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø.

A lump in your breast?

Clinical breast examination
If some kind of breast disease is suspected, you will be sent for a mammogram and/or ultrasound breast scan and a biopsy, depending on what the radiologist thinks is necessary. If the test results show indications of a malignant tumour, the patient can arrange an immediate appointment with one of our oncologists or receive a referral to their nearest National Health hospital.

Would you like a breast check?

A breast check is performed when there is no suspicion of breast disease, but the woman would like her breasts checked for some other reason. She may, for example, wish for a check-up after previous treatment for breast cancer, or she may simply be taking precautions because she has a family history of breast cancer.


Do you want to remove a benign tumour from your breast?

Our highly skilled breast and endocrine surgeons remove lumps from breasts and thyroid glands. 


We perform mammograms at our facilities in Stavanger, Agder, Bergen, Oslo, Gjøvik, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Do you need to have your breast checked?

Book an appointment at your nearest Aleris medical facility.

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